Customer focus

Customer centricity is a fundamental concept in digital marketing. But it’s also what most organizations have the hardest time fully embracing.

If you are like me, you are moderately fond of being interrupted by advertisements on TV, radio and in newspapers. You probably don’t like digital advertisements (banners) that pop up and interfere with reading interesting articles online. You are probably using a spam filter.

All of the above are examples of ads that try to sell to you by interrupting what you are doing by sending out a barrage of ads to the market and hopefully getting a few hits here and there. This is what traditional advertising has always looked like.

What if there was another way – a way where you don’t interrupt and annoy. A way to help the customer with their problems instead. But instead of doing it with buckshot, you do it with laser focus on exactly the right people.

That path exists. Right in front of you.

The customer has the power

Most people who have a problem or question today look for answers online. Usually you google the problem and get a number of search results. You click and read the links until you get an answer you are satisfied with. Once you’ve done your search and found the answer you’re looking for, it’s not uncommon to take some time to visit social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

What all of the above have in common is that it is the person behind the keyboard who has the power. It is they themselves who decide what they do online. What they click on. How long they stay on a page and so on. People like it that way. If they’re not happy with what they see here and now, they’ll click away.

They are also your prospective customers.

They do not in any way like being interrupted and having ads shoved in their face from the screen.

This is a reality that businesses must understand and adapt to. This is the biggest challenge in digital transformation.

The harsh reality for you as an entrepreneur is that the customer doesn’t care about you, your business or your products or services. Your potential customers care about themselves and their problems that they want a solution to.

Solve the customer’s problem

This digital customer behavior is fundamental to digital marketing. “Solve the customer’s problem” should be your digital mantra. Not talking about your products or services. In order to be a successful digital marketer, you must meet the customer on Google and in the social media feed without interrupting the customer, but instead by helping them.. This requires regular production and publication of editorial content that is attractive and relevant to both your potential customers and Google. You can also distribute the produced content in newsletters to those who have chosen to subscribe to it. This is the foundation of content marketing.

Content marketing is providing editorial content that helps customers with their problems. Doing so creates an almost unconscious gratitude and loyalty in the customer that rewards you and your business when the customer is ready to do business.

One of the biggest challenges for companies in content marketing is to put customer needs ahead of the habitual behavior of talking about products and services. Instead, if the company tells stories that inform or entertain and create added value for the customer, you create a contact, a connection, which means that when the customer is ready to do business, they will choose you because of your company’s selfless and helpful behavior.

This philosophy is reinforced and confirmed by statistics.

90% of visitors do research

The general statistics for sites that have an e-commerce site say that 10 percent of visitors to a site offering some form of sale are there to do business; 90 percent are there to do research. .

Naturally, you want your site to ensure that you close with the 10% who are ready to do business. This is obvious. But what about the 90% who are not ready to close yet, who are just looking for more information? Leave them alone and trust that your site and offer is so superior to all others that they will come back on their own once they realize how great you are. Or do you see this 90% as an opportunity?

(For more statistics on content marketing and digital marketing, I suggest you click here).

Two types of content on the site

A good website has two types of content with two different pulses. One type is business and completion oriented. It leads the 10% who are ready to buy to close (this is where almost all companies put their resources on the site).

The second type of content, aimed at the 90% who do research, is helpful, educational and entertaining. That content aims to help the visitor and to create a long-term and positive relationship with them.

It is surprising how many companies ignore 90% of their website visitors…

Customer focus – summary

It is absolutely fundamental in digital marketing to put the customer at the center. That it is about their problems and not your company’s products and services.

Digital marketing is about meeting the customer at the moment they are receptive to listening to you – when they have a problem that your products and services can solve – and that usually happens when people Google their problem.

The average statistic for an e-commerce site is that 10% of visitors are there to do business. 90% of visitors are there to do research.

Can you say that your company website is 90% about helping and informing the customer? And selling products and services is only 10%…?

Extract how 10 steps of digital marketing

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