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Storybrand – articles
Storybrand articles written by Mattias Brännholm. American author Don Miller founded Storybrand. They have developed a concept where they take the dramaturgical rules of storytelling and apply it to communication in general and corporate communication in particular.

Basically, it is about understanding how to use a formula to structure your communication. The formula consists of seven steps and can be used in all communications, from messages to presentations and websites.

In December 2019, Mattias Brännholm became the first Swede to be certified by Storybrand. As a Storybrand Certified Guide, Mattias helps companies, organizations and individuals create clear messages. Stronger brands. Market and sell better. All through the power of storytelling.

Mattias also writes articles. Sometimes they are linked to Storybrand.

I am a Storybrand Certified Guide

A Storybrand Certified Guide is a person certified in the process of creating clear messages