Time to start blogging

I will start blogging. Making changes is part of turning 50. Yes, I’m going to start training too, but I’ve been saying that since I was 17 years old, so we’ll see how that goes. But blogging, on the other hand, I can see it happening.

Three reasons to start blogging

There are several reasons why I have taken this decision.

The three main ones are.

  1. Professionally – I’ve made a pretty big change in my professional life in the last few years, from being a TV reporter to being a consultant in digital marketing and storytelling. (You can read more about it at www.brama.se). There are many hipsters and youngsters who know nothing but digital. Why should I compete with them? There are already so many knowledgeable… Well, I will have a different perspective. One with more life experience. I am an analog fossil trying to adapt to the world we live in today. I have a perspective on digital change. And how to commercialize it. I notice how I am far from alone in this situation. Let me put it this way: I think those who come to read the blog for professional reasons know, like me, what Tipp-ex smells like….
I am an analog fossil trying to adapt to the world we live in today.
  1. I will share my experiences and insights. It can be anything from recordings and situations to robbery stories on behalf of SVT sport and… other robbery stories. Once a year, someone thinks I should write a book. Those who really know me understand that this is not really my thing. However, in a blog format, I can share events, stories and experiences from time to time.
  2. Sometimes I will also be a bit private here. The blog will be by far the most professional and job-oriented. Its purpose is (actually) to create added value in communication and marketing. But I think you add color and depth to a blog if you are a little personal and private as well. So there will probably be some of that.

So welcome to “Mattias Brännholm’s blog on digital marketing and storytelling. And the occasional robbery story”.

Here we go!